The foundation of the Vysočan group dates back to 1981. Then eight married couples came together to bring back to life an old folklore dance Round the May Pole. The group had neither name nor costumes.

1983 - The Vysočan Folklore Ensemble of Songs and Dances was founded by cultural organization SKP Hlinsko. The ensemble's repertoire comprises mostly songs and dances from the etnographic region Polabí (Hlinecko and Nasavrcko).
1985 - Vysočan takes part in its first international folklore festival in Lázně Bělohrad. Primary 8 couples grew into a quite large group of 30 members including 5 musicians. Group performs before the public in the surroundings of Hlinsko.
- April 29 - the date of the first full-lenght performace that has unexpected success. In May Vysočan goes to its first trip abroad (Wolmirstadt in Germany).
- Vysočan takes part in the International Folklore Festival in Gaziantep in Turkey and is awarded Prize for the Best Ensemble there.
- A new full-lenght program is performed on the occasion of  the 10th anniversary of Vysočan foundation.  
        - the group visited Netherlands - town Wognum and Italy - town Viterbo.
1995 - Vysočan countacts Krakus ensemble - the oldest student's group in Poland and in July Vysočan takes part in a festival in Krakow.
1996 - The ensemble travels to Spain again. This time it is Pola de Siero and Vysočan performes there with success in two festivals. In August "Adámek's Folklore Celebration" (AFS) is held for the first time in Hlinsko with the participation of 5 Czech and 2 foreign groups.
1997 - Participation in a folklore festival in Poland and trip to Civitella d' Agliano in Italy. AFS - for the second time - 6 ensembles from the Czech Republic and 2 groups from abroad take place in it.
1998 - A festival in Slovakia and a trip to Greece. Participation in the International Folklore Festival in Thessaloniki. AFS takes place for the third time in August and in December a new program is put on the stage on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of  Vysočan foundation.
1999 - Festival in Slovakia - friendship with the Váh ensemble has been made. A trip to Warhaug in Norway is the first visit to the North Europe. AFS - tradition continues - this year it is for the fourth time - 6 Czech and 3 foreigen ensembles take part in it.
2000 - The 5th Adámek´s Folklore Festival- Hlinsko, Czech Republic - August 26. and 27
– Civitella d' Agliano - Italy.
Folklore Festival in Daruvar - Croatia.
Folklore Festival in  Púchov - Slovakia .
2004 – on May 5th 2004 the group celebrated 20 years of existence by performing in a chamber theater in Hlinsko.
2005 – in June/July the group visited the north of Europe, exactly Wognum in Holland
2006 – the group performed at the open-air museum Vesely Kopec as a part of the program   “ From the cradle to the grave “ and in Lazne Bohdanec at the traditional celebration called Pod Zvicinou. At the end of July Vysocan performed among others in a village Zdirec where they danced and sang in Josef’s House at the event of Natives’ Meeting. On September 16th the group continued in multi-annual tradition of their performance at the “ Open Door Day in social-service home”
2007 – the group attended 10th annual National Costume Ball in Zdar nad Sazavou. That is the greatest folk event in the whole Czech Republic. The group spent a long time getting ready for this event at couple of preparations along with other highland groups. In the summertime Vysocan attended also a festival in Brno – Lisen, a celebration in Svetla nad Sazavou and an international festival in Sumperk. In the end of summer the group visited a partner-city Puchov in Slovakia.
2008 - ...


Festive Costumes
For the boys – black vest, yellow pants, an ornamented belt, boots and a black hat.For the girls – a skirt in one color with a white apron, stays and a hat.The first costumes made Brona Slavikova who used to be an art director of the group for many years. She used contemporary paintings from Litomysl region as a model. The embroidery on aprons made the dancers themselves. Decorating of the men’s belts created Milan Slavik in accordance with a borrowed documentation form a museum

For the boys – corduroy vests, pants, an ornamented belt and boots.For the girls – gray striped skirts and bodice, which replace canvas and colorful aprons.These replicas made Brona Slavikova in accordance with materials from Hlinsko museum and near surroundings.



Vysocan band has about 10 members. The most of them were members of kids folk band Vysocanek. The music is written for 1., 2., 3. violin, 1., 2. clarinet, flute and contrabass. The music was composed by Mr. Doubek, Mr. Holicky and also a longtime member of the band Roman Svetlik. They got their inspiration from Hlinsko and the close region.



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