Welcome to Ensemble of Songs and Dances Vysocan Hlinsko

The group Vysocan was founded in 1981. It was then by the occasion of a tradition called “Kaceni maje” which was followed by dance performance of 8 married couples in borrowed costumes with repertoire “Ceska beseda”. ( More in History section )
Thanks to a primary idea a group was founded which changed in last three decades in a well coordinated group of enthusiastic dancers and musicians who perform a various repertoire of folk songs and dances from Vysocina region.
(More about costumes and songs in History section )

The group on a “home stage” in Hlinsko in Betlem 12th Annual Adamek’s  Celebration August 24th – August 26th

Today the group consists of 20 dancers under the direction of their art director Josef Dospel. Bandmaster Miroslav Teisler leads a band of 12 musicians and singers. The group performs now under the sponsorship of city Hlinsko.
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Take a look at a short video of our performance:



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